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Unthinking machines?

by on May 10, 2011

MIT Technology Review summarised an interesting panel discussion, Unthinking Machines, where the lack of progress of AI during the last decades was discussed.

In the panel, several reasons for this were pointed out, but what resonated most strongly for me was that the panelists brought forth what I use to call the “tool-box approach”. It is not so much that researchers would focus on the tool rather than on solving a problem – no one wants that. What I think is a problem is that communities and conferences tend to form around methods and technologies – and this leads to a situation where the focus is on the method, since that is what the community has in common. The problems that one attempts to solve become those that the technology and method can solve, and then it can be difficult to break out of that in order to address fundamental problems. But that’s what we need to do. When designing AI for games – innovative games –  what else can we do?

…naturally I don’t agree with all said in the article, especially not with that ‘intelligence’ needs to be modelled from human intelligence. (For start, it could be a good thing to know what that is, and then, there are many other sorts of intelligences or intentionalities to model and invent.)

/Mirjam, Tuesday morning, 10th of May, downtown Santa Cruz.

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