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Mind Magic Spells, early sketch

by on May 19, 2011
Mind Magic Spells, early sketch by mimmi
Mind Magic Spells, early sketch, a photo by mimmi on Flickr.

I found this when packing – we are moving offices. It is an early sketch of what spells players can use depending on what mood their characters are in.

Looking at this I remember that the game play I was considering then did not include that when a strong emotion was felt, a manifestation of the it  would be spawned. (Sorrow for example, would give a “Sail of Sorrow”. It then keeps casting the spell Wet Net of Tears on passers-by). The characters’ emotion, sorrow, diminishes when the manifestation is spawned, and the mood is not affected so extremely as it was when the game play looked as it does in this sketch.

As the game play is now, there is great focus on mood-balancing, but in this sketch it was even more focussed on it. There was no emotional ‘release’ in forms of manifestations diminishing the the emotion values, and also there are a few things here I had completely forgotten, but I remember them now, looking at this picture.

Combinations minimum the inner mood value with maximum or minimum outer mood values would result in death of the player characters, but in spectacular ways.

Kamikaze (lower-left) would lead to death of self and everyone in proximity, both friend and foe. This would happen if the character is completely depressed and at the same time utterly furious (IF innerMood < minVal AND outerMood < minVal)

Self Sacrifice would cause the death of self, but give the party full energy and resistance (health and mana). It would happen if a character was deeply depressed and jubilant at the same time. (Not very likely) (IF innerMood < minVal AND outerMood >maxVal)

Combinations of maximum harmony (inner Mood) with extremes on the outer mood scale wouldn’t cause death, but powerful effects – good things for party on the positive scale, and things bad for opponents on the other end.

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